S. Oka, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
E. W. McMillan, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
Potential Church Property, Singapore, ca.1950-1960
A. R. Holton with U. S. Soldiers at a Church Retreat in South Korea, Seoul, South Korea, 1961
Dr. Lee Examining a Patient, Seoul, South Korea, ca.1959-1962
H. Gabe, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
Jordan Wen Baptizing a New Taiwanese Convert, Taiwan, ca.1959-1962
The First Congregation of Churches of Christ in Fon Liao, Taiwan, ca.1959-1965
M. Watanabe, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
Ira Y. Rice with Singaporean Church Members, Singapore, ca.1950-1960
Hyo Chang Park Church of Christ, Seoul, South Korea, ca.1950-1960
Vietnamese Christians Go Home After a Gospel Meeting, Vietnam, ca.1963-1968
Opening Ceremony of Ibaraki Christian College, Ibaraki, Japan, 1949
E. W. McMillan in his Office, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
Potential Church Property 2, Singapore, ca.1950-1960
S. K. Dong with G. H. P. Showalter and group in front of the offices of the Firm Foundation Publishing House, Austin, Texas, ca. 1940s.
The Library of Ibaraki Christian College, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
The Congregation of the Hanakawa Church of Christ, Ibaraki, Japan, 1956
The Congregation of the Church of Christ in Singapore, Singapore, 1959
Logan J. Fox, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
Virgil and Lou Lawyer, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
Welcome Ceremony, Ibaraki, Japan, 1948
S. Oka Teaching Physics, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
S. Morisada, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
E. W. McMillan Teaching Bible Class, Ibaraki, Japan, ca.1948-1952
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Abilene Christian University
Abilene Christian University 
Abilene Christian University (https://www.acu.edu/academics/library/cfm), contributed about 1,800 photographs of missions carried out by Churches of Christ in 45 countries. The photographs date from 1899 to 1969. They are held in Milliken Special Collections at Brown Library. The pictures themselves are of missionaries, their families, the people with whom they worked, and the contexts in which they worked. They provide valuable insight into how a congregationalist and anti-missionary society Christian tradition could sustain a large-scale missions enterprise over a 70-year period of time. They also illustrate various methods and approaches missionaries from Churches of Christ employed as they sought to conduct their work in a variety of cultures and historical contexts. Included are 45 countries spanning six continents and Australia: 14 Asian nations, 8 African nations, 11 European nations, 6 North American nations, 5 South American nations, and Australia. Abilene Christian University, located in Abilene, Texas, was established in 1906. It is affiliated with the Churches of Christ, a tradition stemming from religious reforms in the early 19th century in the United States led by Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone. Churches of Christ practice an independent polity, an emphasis on Scripture, baptism by immersion of believers, weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper, and a cappella singing. Therefore practices of study and of baptism are frequently depicted in the photographs. 
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