Chinese babies lying in wooden cradles, China, ca. 1918-1938
Rented building for Maryknoll College, Pasay, Philippines, January 1946
The novices' refectory at Fushun, China, 1937
Fr. Phillip A. Taggart at Dongzhen, China, 1924.
Catechumen girls at Dalian, China, 1938.
Fr. Leo W. Hewitt at Chagou, China, 1930.
Fr. Herbert Elliott with Chinese mother and child at Guilin, China, 1950.
Fr. Downs stands amidst wreckage at Shantou, China, 1938.
Fr. Eckstein on a boat at Meixien, China, 1936.
Fr. Phillip A. Taggart baptizes babies at Yangjiang, China, 1929.
Maryknoll priests with the Wu family at Tonghua, China, 1936.
Fr. Eckstein on a boat in Meixien, China, 1936.
Fr. Hewitt with Christians at Dalian, China, 1937.
Maryknoll priests at a retreat in Fushun, China, 1936.
Fr. Mark Tennien at Wuzhou, China, 1947.
Japanese woman holding a teapot in a wooded area, Japan, ca. 1930-1950
Group portrait of a wedding party after the marriage ceremony, Japan, ca. 1900/1920
A Russian child studying at Dalian, China, 1939.
Maryknoll Sister gives medical attention at Fushun, China, 1935
Maryknoll Sister with orphans at Fushun, China, 1943
A Chinese bride at Fushun, China, 1941
Maryknoll Sister with the Japanese kindergarten at Dalian, China, 1935
Fr. Lane at Chagou, China, 1933.
Fr. Francis Lynch at Wuzhou, China, 1949.
Fr. Kennelly in Luoding, China, 1937.
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Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America
Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America 
The Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Inc. (Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers) ( was established in 1911 at Maryknoll, New York and sent its first missionaries to China in 1918. The photographic archive, established to support The Field Afar magazine and later Maryknoll, contains between 1 and 1.5 million prints, lantern slides, glass negatives, and slides that capture mission activities in 38 different countries. The Maryknoll Mission Archives was established as a collaborative venture in 1990 to care for the records and images of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Maryknoll Sisters and the Maryknoll Lay Missioners. For IMPA, we selected images from China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, most of them from the period 1912-1945. 
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