Operating theatre, leper colony, Nigeria, ca. 1932
Yam race, Nigeria, 1932
Men's ward, Christmas, Nigeria, 1932
The office, leper colony, Uzuakoli, Nigeria, ca. 1932
Women's town leper colony, Christmas, Nigeria, 1932
E.G at L.C.H, Nigeria, 1932
Barrel race, Nigeria, 1932
Emily Godfrey feeding baby, Nigeria, ca. 1922
Miss Stephens and Emily Godfrey, Nigeria, 1931
Women's ward, leper colony hospital, Nigeria, 1932
New Theatre, Ituk Mbam, Nigeria, ca. 1934
Entrance to Ituk Mbam Hospital, Nigeria, ca. 1934
E.G & Mrs Wakefield at Uzuakoli synod, Nigeria, 1934
Christian convert and family, Nigeria, ca. 1932
Emily Godfrey, male missionary and walking infant, Nigeria, ca. 1934
Ituk Mbam, E.G & Baby Nkoenye, Nigeria, 1934
Map of central Africa, ca.1905-ca.1940
Women's ward, Nigeria, ca. 1937
Market place, Lagos, Nigeria, ca. 1934
Picnicking near Ifa, Nigeria, ca. 1934
Rev. C Ransome handling embers of idols, Nigeria, 1934
Group at church opening, Ikot Ekpene area, Nigeria, ca. 1933
Dispensary at Ama Achara, Nigeria, ca. 1922
Christmas party, Ovim, Nigeria, 1928
Grace and Felicia, Nigeria, ca. 1934
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CSWC, University of Edinburgh
CSWC, University of Edinburgh 

The Centre for the Study of World Christianity (CSWC) was established in the University of Aberdeen in 1982 under the original title, the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World. In 1986-7 the Centre moved with its founder, Professor Andrew F. Walls, to the University of Edinburgh, where it has been ever since. The founding vision of the Centre was of a resource which could record and facilitate research into the remarkable growth of Christianity in the non-Western world over the last two centuries. In pursuit of this vision the Centre has acquired a range of archival collections, including those of the Regions Beyond Missionary Union, the Sudan United Mission, and the Evangelical Union of South America. Most of the images from the collections to be found on the IMPA website are of lantern slides used in missionary deputations, particularly by the Church of Scotland and the Regions Beyond Missionary Union. They cover a variety of locations, being particularly strong on China, India, Calabar, Jamaica, and Peru.

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