Rev. Currie and children, Mulanje, Malawi, ca.1893
Crocodile, Kikuyu, Kenya, ca.1910
Village scene with dispensary, Eastern province, Kenya, ca.1939
Young boys, Eastern province, Kenya, 1935
Women’s  Bible class, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1935
Convention held at Chogoria, Kenya, 1934
Over the Ruguti River, Eastern Province, Kenya, ca.1929
Elders of the church, Chogoria, Kenya, 1935
Boy being taught to read, Eastern province, Kenya, 1937
Sewing class, Eastern province, Kenya, 1937
Sunday school class outside, Chogoria, Kenya, 1937
Dr and Mrs Irvine at home, Chogoria, Kenya, 1944
Beer making, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1936
Cookery class outdoors, Chogoria, Kenya, 1946
Hospital and medical staff, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1940
Treating an infant, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1940
Two boys at a waterfall, Eastern province, Kenya, 1939
Leprosarium, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1936
Landscape view of Githangari country, Eastern province, Kenya, ca.1936
Traditional dance, Eastern province, Kenya, ca.1937
Irvine boys in the garden, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1937
Memorial to Ernest Carr, Chogoria, Kenya, 1940
Jotham Murianki, Eastern province, Kenya, 1937
Mission vehicles, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1926
Leper patients, Chogoria, Kenya, ca.1939
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National Library of Scotland
National Library of Scotland 
The National Library of Scotland, Scottish Missions' Church of Scotland World Mission Council ( archive documents overseas missionary activity from the late 18th century to the present day. It includes the surviving records of some of the earliest Scottish missionary societies, and of Scottish Presbyterian churches that have reunited within the present Church of Scotland since 1929. In addition to a rich photographic element, the archive includes correspondence files, minute books, reports and diaries. Together with the personal papers of a number of individual missionaries, these collections offer a comprehensive record of the development of Scottish Presbyterian mission, and are an important source for researching Scotland’s influence in the many parts of the world to which missionaries travelled. Research potential includes the fields of education, language study and translation, medical work, and women’s studies. 
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