International Mission Photography Archive (IMPA)

"Händlerdorf in Moschi, Deutsch-Ost-Afrika." ("A traders' village in Moshi, German East Africa."). A road lined with thatched huts. African women are walking on the road and carrying loads on their heads. On the left: an African family (two adults, two children) is standing in front of a hut.; Postcard published by the Leipzig Mission. -- This postcard was sent. -- Cf. original photograph "Strasse in Moschi" ("Road in Moshi"). It can be seen in the Leipzig Mission Archive. -- The Mission station in Moshi was founded in 1896. -- Johannes Schanz (1876-1963) was a missionary of the Leipzig Mission. He served in Moshi and Mamba from 1901 to 1910. Schanz is probably the photographer."Wie Jung-Afrika seine Schulexempel ausrechnet!" ("How 'Young Africa' does its sums."). Two African boys are crouching and facing each other. Between them: four rows of small holes dug in the ground, similar to the game known as "bao" in East Africa. The boys are putting small stones into the holes.; Postcard published by the Leipzig Mission.

The historical images in the International Mission Photography Archive come from Protestant and Catholic missionary collections held at a number of centers in Britain, Europe, and North America. The photographs record missionary endeavors and reflect the missionaries’ experience of communities and environments abroad. There are examples of the physical influence the mission presence brought –seen in churches and their surrounding settlements-- as well as examples of the cultural impact of mission teaching and Western influence, including schools, hospitals, training programs, Christian practices, and Western technology and fashions. The pictures document indigenous peoples' responses to missions and the history of indigenous churches which are often now a major force in society. They also offer views of traditional culture, landscapes, cities, and towns before and in the early stages of modern development. More...

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